What is Cureitt ?

CUREiTT is designed to empower you to identify and participate in clinical trials. This app is a web and mobile-friendly platform that connects you to clinical trials in your geographical area that match your disease profile.

Your participation in clinical trials will lead to a better tomorrow.

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How CUREiTT works ?

See Matching Clinical Trials.

Patients often struggle to find a suitable clinical trial on various portals. Cureitt, based on your disease and geographical location, will match you with appropriate clinical trials with the single click of a button. The app will also provide convenient features to search and identify clinical trials for any disease in any geographical location.

clinical trials
clinical trials

Contact the Health Care Facility

Once you identify a clinical trial, you can contact the health care provider to enquire about your participation in the trial.

Share clinical trial information to the world

Using CUREiTT, you can share the details of any clinical trials efficiently with anyone by text, email, or to the public through multiple social media networks.

clinical trials
clinical trials

Obtain Customized insights

We send you personalized notifications about new clinical trials that might be suitable for you.

We value your privacy!

Your privacy is important to us, and CUREiTT keeps your information secure and confidential. Whether your data is in transit or stored, we ensure it is safe with us through our encryption technology, and we retain your information for as long as necessary, and you are just a click away to opt-out at your wish. We follow a pattern of the de-identification method that reflects the guidance provided by the U.S government and comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rule.
For more info, contact us at info@cureitt.com

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