Frequently Asked Questions

What is cureitt?

Cureitt's mission is to accelerate medical research and cure by bringing patients and doctors together as a community. Our goal is to provide patients and doctors easy access to information about clinical trials and cutting-edge medical treatment.

Who can participate in this app??

Cureitt is a platform for both patients and doctors. Patients can find appropriate clinical trials for their conditions, join forums to discuss health related topics with other patients and find doctors who are specialized to treat conditions. Doctors can find suitable clinical trial for their patients, join forum discussions with other doctors to discuss clinical topics and clinical trials, and join Cureitt's directory.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Participants in the app should be at least 18 years.

Why are the doctors outside USA not seen in directory?

The current version of the app only allows doctors in the USA to sign up and be listed as doctors. Future versions of the app would consider allowing doctors from other countries to be listed.

Rules to participate in forums and threads

Forums are a place for exchanging knowledge and ideas. Patient's forums allow only patients to participate in discussion and doctor's forums only allow doctors to participate. Though doctors can see the discussions in patient's forum, they cannot participate in the discussions. No personal identifiable information should be exchanged in the forums. Being a healthcare app, the decorum and sanctity of any group or forums should be maintained. Keep the discussions relevant.

How to contact us?

Open Menu and click contact us. Select the reason for contact in the drop-down menu.

What is reporting?

You can report any irrelevant material, false information, fake accounts, performance issues and bugs. To report, open menu and click contact us. Select the reason for contacting in the drop-down menu. You can also report on any specific comments by clicking the report button.

How to associate with a trial?

If you are registered as a doctor on the app, you can associate yourself with a particular trial by clicking on the 'associate with the trial' button on the trial page.

Who can associate with a trial?

Doctors who are conducting clinical trials can associate themselves with the clinical trial in the app to let others know that they are involved in the clinical trial and are accepting patients for the clinical trial.

What is a health feed?

Health feed provides a tailored and consolidated health related information. Information is sourced from relevant clinical trials, doctor's posts, threads in forums, doctor's directory and other relevant health related news from internet and health care providers. Doctors can post in health feeds, but others can only'like' and 'share' the feeds.

Will my health profile be private?

We do not collect any personal identifiable information in the patient's profile. Your privacy is important to us, and Cureitt keeps your information secure and confidential. Whether your data is in transit or stored, we ensure it is safe with us through our encryption technology, and we retain your information for as long as necessary, and you are just a click away to opt-out.

Can I share images in posts?

Current version of the app does not allow sharing images.

How can I contact a doctor?

Doctor's contact information may be available in the doctor's directory to facilitate contacting a doctor to make an appointment. No direct patient-doctor communication is possible within the app..

How do I search for clinical trial related to my disease?

The matching trials page shows clinical trials relevant for you based on your profile and the location where you live. In addition, free texts can be used to search for trials using the search icon in the trials page

Will my account be permanently deleted if I opt out?

Users have the option to permanently delete the account.

Jobs and working at Cureitt

Open Menu and click contact us. Select the reason for contact in the drop down menu.

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